Bolt Action at GenCon

Our good friends at Game Korps ran several pre-release games of Bolt Action at this years big GenCon event in the US – Carentan, the Fall of Berlin and a meeting engagement. Check out the awesome set-ups they provided – great job, gents!

The incredible eye-catching building of the Reichstag drew many an enviable glance. Tables like this are an absolute joy to play on and games of WWII in 28mm gives all the detail you could want.

The Carentan table was easily recognised by anyone having watched the brilliant TV series, Band of Brothers. Could the American Paras oust the Fallschirmjäger from their town objective?

Photos courtesy of Ocala Garrison.

If this is what the Game Korps lads do for pre-release tables we cannot ait to see what they do next now the game is released to the world!