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With frost covering the ground at Warlord HQ, we’re looking eastward to the embattled city of Stalingrad, which became the proving ground for many street fighting tactics!


As part of our Christmas extravaganza, we’ve put together a few free downloads – this one picks its way through the bombed-out ruins of Stalingrad, with an updated version of the Firefight! rules, three BRAND NEW scenarios along with some bits and pieces to breathe some life into your band of street fighters!


Back in the summer, we ran an epic campaign to celebrate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. As part of this, we released a landing craft load of free scenarios – some of these used an unofficial skirmish-level ruleset called Firefight!

We’ve taken on your feedback and improved upon the first version, and are very excited to see what you make of it!

German pioniers on the move.

We got Warlorders Dan and Tom to take one of the scenarios out for a spin – they’re going to be playing Trench Raid with hand-picked bands of Soviet and German soldiers. First, let’s look at how they constructed their forces!


I’ve got 250 points to play with for my clash with Dan – I’ll be taking command of the German forces, defending my trenches from the marauding Soviets. Using the Battle for Stalingrad selector as the basis for my squad, I’ve taken a regular first lieutenant and an attendant, a regular sniper team, a five-man infantry section with rifles and a veteran medium machine gun team.

This is a pretty defensive force, with a lot of firepower concentrated in a couple of small units. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pin down most of Dan’s force with my MMG and Sniper, while my riflemen maneuver into a decent firing position.

To add a bit of colour to my force, I’ve chosen to flesh out some key personalities, using the tables in the back – my Officer, the infantry NCO and the sniper.

  • Oberleutnant Max Schlosser; a former civil servant with a tendency to hoard anything of even dubious combat effectiveness.
  • Unterfeldwebel Rainer Hoffman; a former teacher, exploiting the slackening of uniform regulations to grow a great big bushy beard.
  • Oberfeldwebel Lothar Ritter; a former secret policeman bearing the scars of some forgotten battle. 


There’s been some trash-talking in the office in the run-up to this battle, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my courageous Soviets, so I can cut a certain someone down to size. I’ve chosen a veteran first lieutenant and attendant, backed up by a commissar and his attendant (I guess someone needs to carry the megaphone), two assault engineers with submachine guns and body armour, three regular submachine gunners and a five-man inexperienced rifle squad. 

I’ve got a pretty significant numerical advantage and plenty of close-range firepower in the form of the formidable PPSh submachine gun. I’m a bit worried about Tom’s medium machinegun and sniper, which could really lock down my assault before it can get started.

I was really grabbed by the random tables in the back, so I’ve really gone to town on my squad – here’s some of the highlights:

  • Senior Lieutenant Yuri Fyodorov; a former gamekeeper and veteran street fighter with scars from his injury during the battle of Moscow. Tom and I agreed that Yuri could start the battle with the Order of the Red Banner and a yellow wound stripe, increasing his morale to 11. 
  • Junior Lieutenant of State Security Valentin Maksimov; a politically-motivated farmhand who joined the NKVD after denouncing the leader of his community. Despite the strict uniform regulations, he still wears a labourer’s cap. 
  • Starshina Grigori Sokolov, the assault engineers NCO, a former factory worker, weighed down with booty captured from German prisoners of war. 

Germans assault a Soviet defensive position!

Join the Fight!

Make sure you grab your copy of the Academy of Street Fighting from the webstore. It’s also the perfect opportunity to add some new models to your Soviet or German armies!

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Check back next time for Tom and Dan’s clash!

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