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Black Seas: Smuggler’s Run

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The golden age of piracy is long past, but its spirit lives on in the hearts of enterprising smugglers out to make their fortune on the margins of society.

Smuggler's Run

Smuggler’s Run puts two players at the heart of this black market, running contraband in and out of the British Isles. Create your own smuggling company and outwit the authorities in the name of trade and profit!

Smuggler’s Run is a two-player campaign where two rival smuggling companies compete to ferry the most contraband into the United Kingdom. Both players should have already created a smuggling company. On the (miniature) high seas, players will alternate commanding their villainous flotilla and the various customs boats patrolling the coastline.

Smuggler's Run

French-flagged smugglers fall afoul of the Royal Navy.

De Klerk of Aarhus

Smuggler's Run
Warlorder Dan was rather taken by Smuggler’s Run and decided to found his own company – enter the De Klerk shipping company, run by the nefarious De Klerk brothers out of their home-port of Aarhus.

With £2,000 pounds to spend on ships, I purchased a Sixth Rate for £600, three Small Merchant vessels for £600, and a Brig for £400. I’ve also got £500 to spend on upgrades  – I chose to fit my Small Merchants with swivel guns at £150 apiece. 

I also had £5,000 to stock my warehouse with. I chose to purchase 10 trade units of iron for £1,000, 10 trade units of timber for £1,000, 6 trade units of beer for £1,200, 2 trade units of weapons for £800 and 4 trade units of spirits for £1,000. 

To flesh out my smugglers further, I chose to use the additional company details to add some colour to my criminal organisation.

Ships registered to De Klerk of Aarhus

  • Matilda, a Sixth Rate with a Christian Saint figurehead, built in a Danish commercial shipyard. This ship has brightly patterned sails. 
  • Dragonfly, a Small Merchant with a Harpy figurehead, built in a Danish commercial shipyard. The crew of the Dragonfly keep a menagerie of exotic pets aboard. 
  • Adonis, a Small Merchant with a Dog figurehead, built in a Danish naval shipyard. This ship leaks like a sieve. 
  • Nightingale, a Small Merchant with a Nightingale figurehead built in a Danish naval shipyard. This ship has been badly repaired. 
  • Bellerophon, a Brig with a Wigged Nobleman figurehead built in a British naval shipyard. The captain of this ship is stark raving mad. 

`It’s time to take to the high seas in search of trade and profit. I’m going to take the Matilda, Bellerophon and the Dragonfly out on my first excursion – giving me a total carrying capacity of 9 trade units. I load up with 4 units of Spirits, 2 units of Weapons, and 3 units of Beer. 

Smugglers Ahoy!

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