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Xilos Characters – Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt

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The forthcoming Beyond the Gates of Antares narrative supplement, ‘The Battle for Xilos’ features six key new characters who find themselves (for better or for worse) at the heart of the struggle… you’ll soon become very familiar indeed with these antagonists – some of which you may recognise (though ‘The Battle for Xilos’ takes these individuals forward in time, to the events portrayed in the Xilos campaign) – and some will be entirely new to you!

During the build-up to the launch of ‘The Battle for Xilos,’ we’ll be offering a few tantalising previews of what you might expect from the first narrative supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares… to whet your whistle and offer a primer before final checks of the Drop envelope, and deployment to the battlefields of Xilos…

We’re kicking things off with a familiar character – Fartok – the Ghar who refused to kneel before his masters!

You’ll recognise Fartok from the core Rulebook, and from our ‘Run Fartok, Run!‘ scenario, posted last year… you may also have the unarmoured version of Fartok as part of your existing Ghar force if you were lucky enough to snatch-up one of the exclusive launch edition ‘Xilos Horizon’ sets…

Fartok Unarmoured

The Original Fartok stats in the Antares rulebook portray him in the early days of the rebellion, and for this new version we have updated some of his special rules to reflect his current status within the Outcast Rebel army – he can now be found wired-into a recovered and hastily repaired suit of battle armour scavenged from the battlefields of Ephra – with a number of interesting technologies as detailed below…

The miniature was first previewed back in December as a 3D render – then sighted at Salute 2016 back in April – and has since entered production in preparation for The Battle for Xilos… he can be expected to make an appearance on tabletop battlefields across the universe very soon indeed…

Here’s a quick snippet from ‘The Battle for Xilos’ with a little more… (please note that some sections have been removed, and other segments are excerpts of longer/larger material from the book.)

Fartok Box Art


Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt

‘The Battle for Xilos’ sees Fartok having tracked-down his old enemy Karg to the world of Xilos and having launched a devastating attack that has driven Karg’s forces deep into the underground complex at the heart of the planet. Determined to avenge the terrible betrayal of Ephra, Fartok’s Outcast army has pursued the hated Karg deep underground.

Fartok has sworn he will not rest until his enemy has been killed and exposed for the traitor that he is. Fartok fights at the forefront of his troops. He wears the special battle armour his engineers have rebuilt for him, incorporating many features of captured enemy equipment. For Ghar to make use of abomination technology would be unthinkable for most of his race. However, Fartok is no ordinary Ghar but one of a specially cloned experiment designed to create Ghar commanders of exceptional ability and strategic genius. This inadvertently created a cadre of Ghar commanders with considerable imagination as well as a unique sense of self-worth, characteristics hitherto unknown amongst them. In the case of Fartok’s broodmate Karg it also created a secret traitor with ambitions above and beyond his appointed place in the Ghar Empire!

Fartok – loyal to his people despite their rejection of him – knows that Karg will stop at nothing to advance himself at the expense of all others. Not only is the Ghar Empire itself in danger from Karg’s ambition but even the life of the Supreme Commander!

Fartok Suit



Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt

Infantry Command Unit
Substitutes For: Outcast Rebel Commander in Battle Armour in Outcasr Rebel army.
Special: No other unit with the High Commander special rule can be included in the same force.

Unit: Infantry Command Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
Fartok: Battle armour, disruptor cannon, mag multilash 3 5 10 4(12) 9 9
0 x Ghar troopers: scourer cannon 3 5 10 4(12) 9 9

Special Rules

Command, Follow, High Commander, Large. Are all standard special rules that are described in the main body of the rules. High Commander replaces the usual Leader rule and gives Fartok a resist reroll against any number of hits. See Special Rules for Units in the Antares rulebook on page 133.
Wound If Fartok fails a Resist test then instead of falling casualty he is wounded. Once wounded if any further Resist test is failed he is removed as a casualty. If Fartok is wounded then the unit cannot lose its last 1 pin. It can lose other pins as normal, but the last 1 pin cannot be removed.
Hybrid Reactor (excerpt)...all the usual rules for a Ghar Plasma Reactor (Antares rulebook on page 136) apply, and all the rules for a Plasma Amplifier (Antares rulebook on page 125) also apply except that instead of the unit’s amplifiers burning out on the roll of a 1-5 in the Turn End Phase, the Hybrid Reactor only burns out on the roll of a 10. If it does burn out then the amplifier part of the unit’s reactors cannot be used again.
Hybrid Plasma Light Support (excerpt) …the Ghar have not yet learned how to access the weapon’s focussing systems… which mean its range is much reduced compared to regular plasma light support weaponry…
Mag Multilash (excerpt)… made from several maglashes… It is a powerful reminder of the army’s origins and a useful way of repurposing weapons no longer needed for their original purpose.


Article written by Richard Dando