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New: US P-51 Mustang 6 Plane Squadron + Ace

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P-51 Mustang Ace, George Preddy, leads a P-51D Mustang Squadron to strike the heart of the Enemy!

US P-51 Mustang Squadron

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The introduction of the Merlin engine transformed the initially mediocre P-51 Mustang into a world-class fighting machine with the iconic P-51D, all but supplanting other types of fighters used by the United States Eighth Air Force in Britain. By May 1945, Mustangs had flown 213,873 stories and claimed 4,950 enemy aircraft destroyed.

The US P-51 Mustang Squadron set contains:

  • 6 P-51D Mustang Fighters
  • 6 Advantage flying bases
  • 1 Aircraft card
  • 6 Aircraft Trait Cards
  • 6 Double-sided Pilot Skill Discs
  • 1 Aircraft Markings Sticker Sheet
  • 3 Action cards

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US P-51 Mustang Ace – George Preddy

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George Preddy was the top scoring Mustang pilot and was ranked sixth overall among USAAF Aces with a total of 27 aerial victories. Despite suffering from a hangover, on August 6th 1944, Preddy shot down six enemy fighters in the course of one mission, earning him the Distinguished Service Cross.

The US Ace Pilot George Preddy set contains:

  • 1 P-51D Mustang Fighter
  • 1 Advantage flying base
  • 1 Aircraft card
  • 2 Aircraft Trait Cards
  • 2 Double-sided Pilot Skill Discs
  • 1 George Preddy Ace card
  • 2 Ace Skill cards

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For Uncle Sam!

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The United States Army Air force contains:

  • 1 x US Ace Pilot George Preddy set
  • 1 x US P-51 Mustang Squadron set
  • 1 x US Blood Red Skies Dice set

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