Upcoming Event: First Meeting of the Dales Wargames group!

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Our very own David ‘Cheryl’ Matthews has launched his own gaming group, meeting in Matlock, Derbyshire – and the first meeting has been set for 1st March.

There will be a wide variety of game systems being played on the day – with a mixture of participation and demo games, as well as more competitive games if that’s your thing!

The day is due to kick-off at 10.00am on Sunday 1st March – and games will run through until 17.30. There is a cafe on site, which will be open for refreshments from 09.30-16.30.

There is a small entry fee for those in attendance, to cover the cost of hiring the venue – so, the more people who attend, the less you’ll pay!

Dales Wargaming

Please arrange games on the Dales Wargames page, there will be unlimited tables available, (6’x3′),
We should also be running Gates of Antares, with figures available for you to have a go. Any system is welcome but be aware we have limited non-historical terrain and scenery – please bring what you can for the first day.

Please feel free to join the group if you’d like to attend!


Please visit the Dales Wargames Facebook Page, and the Event’s page for more information