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Tournament Report: M15’s performance!

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Charles Pecquet reveals how his M15 conversion holds up against other military might!.
Charles Pecquet: I was able to put the M15 I converted to the test in a Bolt Action tournament hosted by our local club, the Baton Rouge Society of Miniature Gaming which is located at our local hobby shop, Little Wars. It was a three round, tournament with a 750 points limit.

In the first round, it faced a Russian force. As a 7+ vehicle, it stuck to the bocage for some cover while looking for a target. A Russian M3 scout came within range loaded with an engineer squad and flamethrower team. The M15 opened up with an impressive volley of six HMG dice and two heavy auto cannon shots. Several HMG’s hit, but with only +1 penetration, it was unlikely to cause any real damage. The auto cannon also scored a hit, but could only manage a stun result.

For the next turn, the Russian order dice came up first allowing the worried units to quickly dismount before the M15 could fire again. When it’s the M15’s order die was drawn, bad dice rolls could only produce a pin on the advancing Russians.
Luck was not on the M15 side as the Russian order die came up first again on the next turn allowing the flamethrower to advance within range sending it up in smoke.
It faced another Russian army in the second round. This time, a Russian anti-tank rifle was able to get within range and immobilized the M15. It remained immobile but not destroyed for the remainder of the game, and still managed to inflict casualties on the opponent.

In its third round, it faced a Japanese army. A heavy mortar fired at it and missed, meaning I had to move it or have a greater risk of the mortar getting a direct hit. Again, the dice wouldn’t cooperate, and the Japanese order die came up first. A six was rolled, scoring a hit. While it didn’t get destroyed or become immobilized there was enough pin markers that would never allow the M15 to rally to action for the remainder of the game.

The firepower and range of the M15 struck fear in its opponents. It’s also a mixed temptation to remain well behind the lines and use the heavy auto cannon’s 72” range, and advance to be able to fire the HMG’s on less armored units from 36”.

With a 7+ armor rating, the urge to rush forward should probably be resisted. Using it for its intended purpose of AA support while occasionally taking a long range shot with the auto cannons probably would have been a better option. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to run and definitely had the enemy nervous.

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