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Sneak Peeks: Top Brass

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If you feel your Roman Legion has been slightly lacking in its leadership of late, our new Roman Officers pack should put a bit more discipline into your ranks! Released next week , these highborns will get your Legionaries into line. These models, sculpted by the rather-too-talented-for-his-own-good Paul Hicks,  are ideal for representing Legates or Tribunes with their ornate armour and commanding presence.

First up, if you prefer your command models to be highly mobile to quickly get where the action is, this Roman Officer on a finely bred horse is just what’s needed:

Roman Officer on Horse

On the other hand, if your commander prefers to get muddy and bloody with the rest of the Legionaries on the front lines, this officer on foot will lead your forces to their objectives:

Roman Officer on Foot

These superbly characterful command models will be available from our webstore next week.