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Army Painter Sprays

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We consider our The Army Painter sprays the best on the market. No need for undercoat with these cans – one coat is enough. They do need to be used slightly differently to other sprays though to get the best effect. Here’s how!

Some modellers and hobbyists have experienced a sandy/dusty texture on their models when using The Army Painters Colour Primer sprays, instead of the usual smooth and perfect coverage our Colour Primers are renowned for.

The Army Painter Colour Primers - one coat is enough so no need to fork out for a separate can of undercoat.

Due to the very nature of the unique Colour Primer formula, the pigment is heavy and the matt finish requires a quick drying time. Extensive testing based on the feedback from our customers has shown that this combination (heavy pigment/quick drying time) can on rare occasions produce the said grainy surface. However, our testing also proved that this is quite easy to avoid!

Follow the 3 simple guidelines:


You must shake the can for minimum 2½ minutes. Don’t skimp on this part it’s very important to get good coverage.


Do not spray in tiny bursts, but use longer bursts where you smoothly move the can back and forth from a distance of maximum 10”.


Try it on an old model or leftover of an old plastic sprue first, to see if you have shaken the can enough.

The points above are to make absolutely sure everybody gets a perfect result every time. Of the tens of thousands of Colour Primers sold in the last 9 months we’ve heard of only a few issues with these sprays but felt that one ‘grainy’ model is one too many and hope this tutorial gives you better results in future.

Into the Future

We realise that our unique Colour Primers’ usability is somewhat advanced compared to ‘normal’ sprays and as a result we have taken the decision to make them more user friendly. This is to be done by altering the formula slightly so the drying time, amongst other things, is a bit longer. This alteration to the formula will not affect the outstanding nature of the Colour Primers.

We hope that helps!