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The Battle of Maldon: A Dark Age Saga

Anglo-Saxons attempt to repel Viking invaders in 991AD. We present new rules and a scenario.

The Battle of Maldon: A Dark Age Saga
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The Battle of Maldon took place on 11 August 991 AD in Essex. Earl Byrthnoth led his thegns against Viking invasion, though his efforts ended in defeat. It is possible, though not certain (accounts differ on this point) that the Anglo-Saxons were vastly outnumbered by the invaders.

An Old English Poem is one of our best primary sources of information regarding shieldwall warfare from the viking age. Named the ‘Battle of Maldon’ it bears a remarkable accuracy to actual events when paired with other accounts of the time. Its composition and clarity have echoed down the ages to inspire the likes of Tennyson and later a direct ‘sequel’ by Tolkien. Murray Dahm has been inspired similarly and provides background and rules for replicating the battle on the tabletop using the Shieldwall rules for Hail Caesar.

This resource serves help you in bringing the Battle of Maldon to the tabletop, which you can download for free. Within, you can read the full history and background behind the battle and you’ll find in-depth army lists and special rules to refight it on the tabletop, including for the valiant leaders of both the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.






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The Anglo-Saxon Range

Grab yourself this easy bundle to attain a sizeable Saxon Invasion host!

This bundle contains:

  • An Arthurian Early Saxon Ceorls A blister pack
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The Viking Range

From the end of the eighth century AD, Vikings originating from Scandinavia regularly appeared in Great Britain and on the European mainland on raiding expeditions in their Longships. This complete set gives you everything you will need to begin your raids as a perspective Earl.


  • Viking Berserkers
  • Viking Archers
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  • Bareheaded Viking Bondi A
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  • Viking Bondi A
  • Viking Bondi B
  • Viking Longship
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