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Hobby: Andy Singleton’s Soviet Forces

With the impending release of the Ostfront Theatre Book, we’ve enlisted the help of long-term friend of Warlord, and paintbrush-wizard extraordinaire, Andy Singleton of Volley Fire Painting Services to provide some inspiring shots of his personal Soviet collection… The Warlord warehouse currently echoes with the sound of Russian battlesong, and the furious snipping of sprues and…

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Rules: Vasily Zaitzev – Legendary Sniper

12 Days of Christmas – Day 6 Today’s surprise is an extract from the forthcoming Bolt Action Theatre Book – Ostfront: Barbarossa to Berlin.   ‘For us there was no land beyond the Volga.’ Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Zaitzev first distinguished himself during the battle of Stalingrad as a superb sniper. He killed 225…

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