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Who is River Horse?

We ask Alessio Cavatore (he of Bolt Action fame amongst many others) to enlighten us further about River Horse and just what games they make…   River Horse Alessio: River Horse has a varied portfolio of games, which we design here in our Nottingham HQ, right next door to Warlord Games. Our main games are…


River Horse: Tails of Equestria

Tails of Equestria allows you to create, name and play as your very own pony character to solve puzzles and explore dungeons, there may even be some dragons!   View in Store What is this book? Hey there! So I imagine if you are taking a look at this game, you know a little about My…


River Horse: The Bestiary of Equestria

Within the book lies a wealth of information about the fantastical creatures and characters of Equestria! For use with Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game, this bestiary will help you tell fantastic adventure stories and fill the world with all sorts of beasts and monsters.   View in Store   Every adventure needs characters, and…


River Horse: Tails of Equestria: Starter Set

My Little Pony – Tails of Equestria: Starter Set The Starter Set is the perfect way for beginners to start playing Tails of Equestria. ‘A Dragon’s Bounty’ is an adventure book that can be played solo by simply reading the book.   View in Store   Players can build their own adventure by choosing which…


River Horse: The Official Movie Sourcebook

With new player options and tons of Gamemaster info, The Official Movie Sourcebook is a fantastic way to expand the boundaries of your Tails of Equestria game.   View in Store   Take your adventure far beyond Equestria’s borders with this: the first sourcebook for Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game. Based on MY LITTLE…


River Horse: Filly Sized Follies

Filly Sized Follies; A Tails of Equestria adventure book   View in Store   Filly Sized Follies is the fifth adventure book in the Tails of Equestria line. This book contains not one, but THREE different stories to play through, perfect for ponies ranging from levels 2-5. All around Equestria there are ponies in need,…


River Horse: The Haunting of Equestria

The Haunting of Equestria is the fourth adventure book in the Tails of Equestria line.     View in Store   The Haunting of Equestria features familiar characters in a completely new scenario. This is the most epic Tails of Equestria adventure yet, perfect for characters level 5-10. Contents: A brand new standalone adventure for…


River Horse: Judge Not By the Cover

In Judge Not by the Cover, you’ll find yourself setting out on a quest from the Crystal Empire, following an old map left by Starswirl the Bearded. At the other end lies a mysterious and magical library that only appears once every hundred years.   View in Store   Even with all his skill and…


River Horse: Tokens of Friendship

My Little Pony – Tokens of Friendship 12 Gem Tokens and Collector’s Bag   View in Store   Let’s talk about the most important thing in your pony’s life in Tails of Equestria—Friendship! Like Stamina, Friendship is not a die value. Your pony character has a small number of very precious and powerful Tokens of…

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