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SPQR: Parthian Horse Archers

Parthian Horse Archers were legendary in the ancient world. SPQR allows you to employ these formidable cavalry units as mercenaries.   USING MERCENARIES Whenever a player finds they are facing a warband of greater points value in a campaign, they may use any number of Mercenaries to bring their warband into balance. They may add…

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New: Gates Of Antares, Askar Mercenary Warriors

A race long thought extinct now reveals itself! The Askar – Mercenary Warriors, psychologically and physically specialised as fighters, now enter the Antarean arena as mercenaries for (almost) any force! View in Store Who are the Askar? The Askar of ancient times lived in hive-like cities called congregates with a number of sister-hives forming a…

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New: Antares Dice Game!

The ancient Gates of Antares link or isolate worlds across countless galaxies. The evolved panhuman races wage unending war to control the Gates and the undiscovered systems beyond. View in Store Take on the battling forces of the Concord IMTel, the symbiotic Isorians, the bio-adapted Boromites, the twisted Ghar Empire or the warlike Algoryn Prosperate to claim…