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Unit Profile: The King’s German Legion

Exiles from a huge variety of European nations bolstered the British Army’s ranks during the Napoleonic Wars. This week, we’re looking at the King’s German Legion! In the spring of 1803, Napoleon’s war machine swept across continental Europe, sweeping aside any organised opposition. The Electorate of Hanover surrendered without a fight and its army was…

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New: KGL 2nd Light Battalion

Out today for Napoleonic British armies we have two King’s German Legion 2nd Light Battalion packs – one armed with muskets and the other with rifles: View in Store View in Store The King’s German Legion (KGL) was a British Army unit of expatriate German personnel, known for its excellent discipline and fighting ability. The Legion was formed within months of the…

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Showcase: KGL light infantry by Francesco Thau

Following on from his lovely Napoleonic British Infantry here and here, Francesco Thau is back with more great photos of more great models – this time the King’s German Legion light infantry from our La Haye Sainte – Farmhouse Assault collector’s edition set: Francesco already has more Warlord models on his painting table and we…