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Gallery: Wrecked Hanomag!

The latest painted vehicle to arrive from the talented hands of Neil at Troop of Shewe is our wrecked Hanomag. Feast your eyes on this… This destroyed halftrack is great for adding to your tabletop as a piece of atmospheric terrain or as a marker to replace a knocked out halftrack during your games. Try…

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Re-released: Kubelwagen!

One of the enduring images of the war is this German car being used in all theatres as light transport field car, ambulance and even being modified into gun platforms! Our Bolt Action Kubelwagen is now back and ready to be added to your army… Our Kubelwagen comes with options for raised or folded down…

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Updated: Halloween Specials!

Little Steve of the Warlord sales team is an excitable little soul. Around this time year even more so than usual as he gets giddy at the thought of ghosts, ghouls and mugging little kids for the Trick or Treat candies. Fear not, for we’ve harnessed his delirium to bring you two fun releases just…