Gallery: Bolt Action By Agis Neugebauer

Last week we brought you a stack of Agis’ beautifully painted Bolt Action British miniatures and vehicles. This week we bring you more British but painted for the Western Desert and one or two from his German army.

Agis' British Column

Agis' Humber Armoured Car MK II

Agis' Humber Armoured Car MK IV

Every British army needs some Humbers! We have them available in the MK II and MK IV variants. When they’re painted as well as Agis’ has done these, you can easily see why the Recce section is a popular addition to most tabletop forces.

Agis' SD.KFZ 251/7 1

Agis' German Hetzer 1

Agis' German Hetzer 2

Next up we have his SD.KFZ 251/7 and Hetzer Tank Destroyer. Agis has truly excelled in getting a realistic camouflage pattern for the Western Desert conflict on these models. Detailing like this takes considerable research and practice to pull off this smoothly.

You can find these vehicles and many more right now in the Warlord webstore!