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Antares : The Complete Freeborn

Beyond the Gates of Antares has been gathering momentum ever since release – and we’re seeing an ever-increasing amount of activity over in the official Facebook group – with painted forces, conversions, army lists, battle reports and much more being shared between players. You’ll often find members of the Warlord team sharing their own personal projects…

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New: The C3M4 Combat Drone

The first full-plastic large model for Beyond the Gates of Antares arrives at your battlefields!   View in Store The M4 series Combat Drone is the standard template designed fighting drone in the Concord Combined Command. It has neither crew nor any capacity to carry them, forming a distinct machine shard together with its buddy drones. Powerful kinetic shields protect the…

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Warlord Studio Update – 5th May 2016

Studio update time! Steve has now pretty much finished the Skark squad for the Freeborn. As a special treat – see below the first pics of one of the Mhagris atop his fearsome steed. Steve has now moved onto crew for the Freeborn mag mortar. Wojtek has been designing the Isorian Pulse Bikes which will be…

Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Concord, Freeborn, Ghar, Latest Products

New: Individual Beyond the Gates of Antares Miniatures

After countless requests via the Warlord forums, Facebook page and various Facebook groups – this week we’re making individual miniatures from our Beyond the Gates of Antares range available to purchase separately. This is the ideal way to bolster your squads with additional men, finesse the number of special weapons and fine-tune your forces! We’ve…

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Community Freeborn Colour Schemes

Continuing our recent article series showcasing community colour schemes for Beyond the Gates of Antares, this week we’re dipping into the Warlord Forums and Facebook Group to track-down some fantastic examples of Freeborn colour schemes! The Freeborn are the greatest merchants and travellers of Antarean space. Their vast mercantile fleets carry goods, services, technology and people from one world to another….