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Beyond the Gates of Antares, Latest Products, Virai

Pre-order: The Dronescourge Virai Army Starter Swarm

As the first reports arrive it’s realised that the ancient Dronescourge threat, the Virai, has returned! Build your First Strike Swarm and prepare for expansion! View in Store Contains: 1x Virai Dronescourge – First Instance 2x Virai Dronescourge – Defender Squads 1x Virai Dronescourge – Weapon drone with flamer array 1x Virai Dronescourge – Secondary Instance…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Latest Products, Virai

Virai – First Contact

+++++ IMTel Alert DSGR2018.04.13.1200#7VR +++++ IMTel urges you not to be alarmed. Transient/Transit Observation Report 563 in system Taskarr identified as originating IMTel collapse along Southern Interface. System is interdicted for well-being: C3 intelligence NuHu Jai Galeyous has identified Virai Dronescourge, eight nine quantum. View in Store +++++ IMTel Alert DSGR2018.04.14.1200#6VR +++++ Current drones identified…