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SPQR Warband Focus: Caesar’s Legions

SPQR Warband Focus: Caesar’s Legions

By 50BC, Rome was well established as the centre of an empire in all but name. Sea transport and trade were essential, and to a great extent, the limits of the empire were defined by the distance from the nearest port rather than the distance from Rome. With the Carthaginian threat to the Mediterranean maritime…

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SPQR: 1000 Denarii Warbands

We’ve put together 1000 Denarii warbands for Caesar’s Legions and Gaul Warriors. We look at how they play on the ancient battlefields of SPQR. Caesar’s Legions Minions Warbands from Caesar’s Legions represent a small force split off from a legion for an extended period of time to achieve specific objectives; Though Caesar’s Legions Warbands have…

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SPQR: Caesar’s Legions

Crush your foes under the might of the Roman Legions. Caesar’s Legions march into SPQR with some of the most elite, well-armed troops in the game. Caesar’s Legions – Heroes A wealth of legendary leaders are available to lead your legionaries in SPQR campaigns. Julius Caesar’s eventual victory in the Gallic Wars would give him…