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Black Seas: 3rd Rates Squadron

The 3rd Rates Squadron sails into Black Seas. A fine addition to a fleet of any nation; they harboured a great balance between power and manoeuvrability. A 3rd rate ship, as defined by the British rating system, was a ship of the line which mounted between 64-80 guns. Usually, this would mean two gun decks….

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Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet

The Royal Navy Fleet is an exceptional starting point for bringing the illustrious sailing ships of the Royal Navy to battle in Black Seas. The Royal Navy By the late 1700s, Great Britain had established itself as the most prominent and powerful navy of the time. This was mostly due to the discipline and commitment…

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4th of July: Independence Day Deals!

October the 14th in the year 1781, Cornwallis is trapped at Yorktown, Washington orders a night time assault which succeeds in capturing 2 redoubts. After a failed counter attack 2 days later, Cornwallis attempts to evacuate his army across the river to Gloucester. The attempt fails and with reluctance Cornwallis surrenders the following day. The 17th of October…