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Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet

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The Royal Navy Fleet is an exceptional starting point for bringing the illustrious sailing ships of the Royal Navy to battle in Black Seas.

Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet

The Royal Navy

By the late 1700s, Great Britain had established itself as the most prominent and powerful navy of the time. This was mostly due to the discipline and commitment of its sailors, and the quality of the training for its leadership positions. The only way to rise through the ranks of the Royal Navy was to prove your mettle in action and bypassing gruelling exams. This was coupled with a very well managed gunnery programme that trained the men to shoot rapidly and accurately.

Why sail the Royal Navy?

The Royal Navy’s national special rules demonstrate the power of a Royal Navy fleet. Indeed, they’ll have a great bearing on how you select the components of your fleet. The quality of the Royal Navy’s training is represented by their ‘Drilled’ special rule, which confers a bonus to shooting, and the ‘Admiralty’ rule confers an extra level of reliability to each of your ships.

As such you may find yourself fielding a smaller number of ships than other fleets, though you’ll be able to deck these ships out with upgrades. Each will have a staying power and reliability both in sailing power and in unleashing their weaponry. The Royal Navy is poised to dominate the Black Seas.

Royal Navy Fleet

Black Seas: Royal Navy Fleet (1770-1830)

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted


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  • 3 plastic frigates
  • 6 plastic brigs
  • 3 plastic third rates
  • 1 resin first-rate
  • 1 bomb ships base
  • A selection of metal figureheads and backplates for famous Royal Navy Ships:

HMS Ajax – a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
HMS Colossus – a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
HMS Mars – a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line
HMS Indefatigable – a 44 gun frigate from 1795 (she was originally a 64 gun third rate)
HMS Euralys – a 36 gun frigate
HMS Naiad – a fifth-rate frigate

  • Royal Navy Flags, Sails & ratline sheets + Bobbin for Rigging
  • Game cards and wake markers



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Black Seas Fleet Battles – The Royal Navy (1770 – 1830)

Kick start a Royal Navy fleet with this bundle which nets you the famous HMS Victory as well as the Master & Commander starter box. As well as including the full rules, you’ll find an additional three frigates and six brigs. You’ll also get sails, rigging and flag sheets for all your ships and all the ship cards, wake markers and tokens that you’ll need to play.

The Starter Set comes with an exclusive 28mm miniature – the Sea Wolf! Brandishing a pistol, with a dirk strapped to his arm, this ferocious fighter is the perfect starting point for a Black Powder landing party!

Black Seas Fleet Battles - The British (1770 - 1830)

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