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SPQR Talent Focus: Archer of Legend

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This week, we’re continuing our focus on SPQR’s many talent trees. Shoot apples off the heads of slaves or birds on the wing with the archer of legend!

Legendary archers come in many shapes and sizes; Roman emperor Domitian, Paris of Troy, the Amazons of Scythia. These keen-eyed killers stalk the battlefield, dealing death from afar with powerful bows. In games of SPQR, Archers of Legend are a powerful force in themselves, able to pick off enemy heroes or whittle down large units before they hit your main battle line.

Eye of the Hawk

Use: Special (Shoot)
Prerequisite: Ranged +2 or higher

The Hero carefully places each arrow for maximum effect. This decreases his rate of shooting but inflicts a -1 penalty to the target’s Armour check.

Even the odds against those heavily armoured melee monsters with Eye of the Hawk. You’ll only get one attack this turn, but it’s more likely to penetrate that pesky Lorica Segmentata or chainmail. Great for taking down enemy heroes.

You have two choices for your next talent: Crippling Shot or Precision Shot.

Crippling Shot

Use: Action (Shoot)

A well-aimed arrow hampers the target’s ability to fight. If this shot wounds an enemy Hero, he will suffer a -1 penalty to your choice of Agility, Melee, or Ranged checks for the rest of the battle.

Following in the footsteps of Eye of the Hawk, Crippling Shot allows your archer to reduce the effectiveness of enemy heroes by picking one of their characteristics and lowering it. Melee-centric heroes will really suffer from a lower melee score, potentially stopping them from using some of their talents and making it harder to hit things.

Your next talent is Critical Shot.

Critical Shot

Use: Special (Shoot)
Prerequisite: Ranged +3 or higher

The Hero has a deep understanding of anatomy and where to place an arrow for maximum effect. If this attack damages an enemy, it will inflict double the normal amount of Wounds.

Critical Shot allows your archer to take out heroes with a single devastating strike – level 1 or 2 heroes will only have a couple of wounds, so a single shot can remove them from the table. It’ll also increase your effectiveness against multi-wound models like cavalry.

The final talent on this branch of the tree is One Arrow, One Kill

One Arrow, One Kill

Use: Special (Shoot)

The Hero shoots a deadly arrow, seemingly guided by the hands of the gods themselves. If it damages an enemy, it will inflict triple the normal amount of Wounds.

Devastate high-level heroes with a single shot – or finish off mauled units with a mighty deathblow. Being able to dish out three wounds with one attack is normally the preserve of melee-focused heroes with two-handed weapons – but you’ll be able to deal this damage from 20″ away!

Precision Shot

Use: Special (Shoot)

With careful aim, the Hero is able to pick out targets from within a crowd. The Hero may shoot enemies
locked in close combat, and he may freely target Heroes within a unit.

This powerful talent allows an archer to engage cowardly heroes hiding in large units – picking them off will force Will to Fight checks and potentially break the back of your opponent’s army with a single well-placed shot.

The final talent along this branch is Armour Cracker.

Armour Cracker

Use: Passive

Even the most heavily armoured opponent is no match for this Hero and his arrows have an uncanny
knack of opening up weak spots in the target’s armour. All attacks made by this Hero’s bow inflict a -1 penalty to a target’s Armour checks, in addition to any other penalty other Talents might grant.

The penalty inflicted by this talent stacks with Eye of the Hawk, for a cumulative +2 penalty to a target’s armour bonus, effectively neutralising armours like Linothorax or Scale Mail. Combined with Precision Shot, heavily armoured opponents have nowhere to hide!

Likely Legendary Archers

Archers can be found across the ancient world – from the marble palaces of Greece and Rome to the forests of Gaul and Dacia. They make for a perfect secondary hero to back up a frontline leader or melee fighter, using their range to pick off threats as they arise.

Players looking for additional background details for their Archers of Legend can roll 2d6 on the table below!

Roll: Result:
2 Feral Huntsman: Living on the outskirts of society, these savage marksmen are often employed as scouts and trackers.
3 Master Marine: The rocking motions of a ship at sea are some of the most challenging conditions an archer can encounter. This hero cut their teeth picking targets off the deck of enemy vessels.
4-5 Seasoned Professional: Fighting alongside the armies of antiquity, this hero learned his trade alongside hundreds of others in his formation.
6-7 Noble Scion: This hero spends his free time stalking game in private reserves – a luxurious pursuit available only to emperors, kings and princes.
8-9 Circus Entertainer: This hero has spent their life travelling from village to village with a company of performers, making improbable shots for the amusement of the crowd.
10-11 Hired Assassin: This hero hunts the most dangerous game – using their keen eyes and prodigious skill to make a living as a contract killer!
12 Blessed by the Gods: The hand of Apollo or Arash rests on this hero’s shoulders, imbuing them with a divine gift for marksmanship.

Artemis’ chosen could be found leading a warband of Athenian hoplites like Charlie C’s Greeks!

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