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Spotlight: The Perils of Painting Portuguese

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Inspired by last week’s in-depth guide to the history of the Portuguese Army on campaign in the Peninsula?

Got one of our fantastic new plastic box sets on order, but unsure what to do when they arrive?

We’ve got an easy-to-follow, step by step painting guide adapted from an article originally published in an issue of Wargames Illustrated. (Thanks, Dan!) Painted by Steve at Arcane Scenery and Models, these beautifully painted models originally appeared in Wargames Illustrated 349.

If you want to read the full article, it’s available for download here:

Wargames Illustrated Painting Portuguese

We’ve adapted the guide for our website, but there’s plenty of extra information in the main article, including Steve’s commentary on assembling his models and what colour of trouser is historically accurate.

Step 1: Assembly & Priming

First, assemble your models and undercoat them with Army Painter Uniform Grey spray. Steve has chosen to assemble his models with the British stovepipe shakos to represent a later war unit under British general Beresford.

Step 2: Flesh & Black bits

Painting guide step 1: flesh and shakoes.

Step 3: Uniform base coats & Muskets

Step 4: Cross straps & Webbing

Step 5: Facings, Piping & Turnbacks

Step 6: Final Details


Step 7: Backpacks & Equipment

Step 8: Shading & Highlights

Step 9: The Finished Models

Some of our studio models painted in a scheme similar to Steve’s.

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