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Special Offer: Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte & Napoleonic boxed sets

Napoleonics – Buy 4 boxes, get 20% off


For the last 3 days of this sale, we’ve put our Napoleonic boxed sets into an identical offer! 20% off when you buy 4 boxed sets from Warlord’s own range. Click to see what’s included:

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Hail Caesar – Buy 4 boxes, get 20% off


Till the end of October we’re giving 20% off when you buy 4 plastic or plastic & metal boxed sets from the Hail Caesar range. Click the button to see all the sets that are included in the deal:

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Pike & Shotte – Buy 4 boxes, get 20% off


The same offer also applies to Pike & Shotte boxed sets – buy 4 plastic or plastic & metal boxed sets and get 20% off! Click here to see which boxes are included:

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Note that these offers are separate – you can’t choose two from each system if you want the discount. Don’t cross the streams!