Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

Sneak Peek: Napoleonic French Plastics

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Those of you visiting our stand at Salute recently will have seen the 3-ups of our forthcoming Napoleonic Late French Line Infantry. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen that there were even the test sprues in the cabinet as they’d been delivered to us that very morning!.

WGN-FR-04-Late-French-Infantry-8As you can see, they are wearing the greatcoat which became such a trademark of the French army during the later years of the war – both for warmth as as a degree of protection from those nasty sabre cuts (not quite as painful as paper cuts but likely a more lethal result…).

WGN-FR-04-Late-French-Infantry-9As with our recent British and Hanoverian plastics these will also be easy to build – just 3 parts…