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To accompany The Battle for Xilos, we have created six new Antarean character models to represent the leaders and chief antagonists involved in the backstory. Perhaps you’ll be using one with your forces this summer in The Battle For Xilos Campaign?

Our characters are presented in the same spirit as those in the Antares game itself, namely that they are ancillary to the actual army lists and can be included in games where players are happy to do so. Because the Xilos scenarios are presented in the form of a narrative campaign, it makes a lot of sense to include the characters from the back story, but players can choose to do so or not – we leave it up to you.


Arran Gestalin

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Arran Gestalin is the seventh daughter of Guild Mother Tark Gestalin, herself the seventh daughter of the celebrated Ca’Lotera Gestalin, making Arran the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Which as anybody knows is a tremendously portentous birthright for a Guildess. Arran Gestalin is portrayed riding one of the clan’s locomites that are among the diverse lavan creatures reared to serve the clan.



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Fartok has tracked his old enemy Karg to the world of Xilos and launched a devastating attack that has driven Karg’s forces deep into the underground complex at the heart of the planet. Determined to avenge the terrible betrayal of Ephra, Fartok’s Outcast army has pursued the hated Karg deep underground. Fartok has sworn he will not rest until his enemy has been killed and exposed for the traitor that he is.


Kamrana Josen

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The choice of Josen to lead the Xilos expedition may have seemed a strange one at first. After all, the mission was primarily one of exploration and scientific investigation, while Josen was a Commander of considerable battle experience and a reputation for steely determination in the face of adversity. His exploits upon Aan Four had become the stuff of C3 legend, and there were few among even his most hard-bitten staff who were not in awe of him. The appointment turned out to be a fortuitous one, however, considering the unexpected dangers that the expedition would shortly face. The IMTel was once more proven to be correct – although of course it always was.



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Karg has established a base of operations on Xilos, a world ideally placed to launch further attacks upon the hated Algoryn. Karg commands his armies from his mobile Command Crawler which has the added benefit of space for the pampered human slaves with which he surrounds himself. Karg is too fond of life to risk himself in battle if it can be helped, a very un-Gharlike attitude for a race bred to face battle without flinching.


Tar Es Janar

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Tar Es Janar realised there was no time to consult the Prosperate’s leaders, not if the Concord expedition was to be saved and the world of Xilos denied to the Ghar. Despatching a ship to his homeworld detailing the reasons for his decision and consequent course of action, Tar Es Janar assembled his troops into a relief force and headed for Xilos. That he did so without the mandate of the Council meant that he was guilty of treason. That too would be a problem for another day.


Armano Harran

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Amano Harran is the long estranged nephew of Vard Bero Harran of Freeborn House Oszon. Amano Harran has certainly made a name for himself among the worlds of the Determinate, and his ship– the Nebula – has become almost as famous as its captain. Utilising some of the most advanced technologies of Antarean space.


Xan Tu

Xan Tu – coming Soon!

In a previous and entirely organic existence, Xan Tu was a successful commander of Senatex forces whose career spanned almost two centuries and warzones from the Northern Spill to the Vorl frontiers in the Deep South. Reaching what was a natural end to a long and active life Xan Tu elected to live on in machine form – transitioning his mind into a drone body. Transitioning as a drone was for Xan Tu a logical choice – for it would allow him to do what he had always done – to continue to lead Senatex forces wherever they were needed.


Battle For Xilos 5 page

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Once again penned by game author Rick Priestley, the supplement continues the events from the main rulebook – triggered by the discovery of the planet of Xilos.

The book describes, in the form of an exciting and continuing narrative, the struggle for control of the planet and the ancient builder tech hidden beneath its surface – and includes a campaign system featuring a series of scenarios which cover the different stages of the battle for Xilos, from the initial landings to… well, we’ll come onto that… with a cool system for gathering campaign victory points and fielding some of the strange builder tech artefacts that your forces will capture along the way!


Battle for Xilos also includes a whole raft of new content – including the likes of rules for including allies and mercenaries in your force as well as new army lists for the Ghar Outcast Rebels, and the mercenary forces of the Freeborn Adventurers and Boromite Clans, not to mention a host of special characters, new troop types, new weapons and vehicles, and some rather scary native creatures.