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We’re 1 year on from when John Connor, leader of the human resistance against Skynet, sendt Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect his mother, Sarah, from a Terminator assassin, an unexpected turn of events creates an altered timeline. Instead of a scared waitress, Sarah is a skilled fighter and has a Terminator guardian by her side. Faced with unlikely allies and dangerous new enemies, Reese sets out on an unexpected new mission: reset the future.

Time then, on this anniversary, for serious Termination!

Terminator – War Against the Machines

Terminator Genisys

Huge price drop down to £30 ($48)!

Terminator Genisys: The War Against the Machines features 31 stunning plastic miniatures designed to be ready for action in minutes. No glue is required, thanks to their push-fit design, and they come in two clear different plastic colour (metallic grey for the Terminators and army green for the Resistance) to make sure you recognise your forces easily amidst the fog of war.

As a bonus, The War Against the Machines includes a superbly sculpted metal Kyle Reese character to join the Resistance fighters, providing them with special command abilities and heroic traits, Kyle Reese is a perfect to lead the brave Resistance soldiers against the endoskeletons.

Terminator Genisys: The War Against the Machines includes a 128 page rulebook that allows you to explore every game possibility; starting from the contents of the box but allowing you to expand with the upcoming range of heroes, commanders, troop types and vehicles expected during the year ahead. We will keep you well informed about all these new exciting releases.

Finally, the unique dice game system invites you to play without the need of modifiers or tables and the chaotic “Fate activation system” ensure you’re always involved in the action.


  • Full-colour rulebook: 128 pages
  • Exclusive metal Kyle Reese model (brings special abilities, command options and heroic feats)
  • 10 Terminator Endoskeletons (Two different posses, advancing and… relentlessly advancing!)
  • 5 Terminator Crawlers (You thought the ENDO was done?!)
  • 16 Resistance Soldiers (with a selection of weapons from missile launchers to plasma rifles!)
  • Quickstart rules: 16 pages
  • 2 punchboards: Includes all the scenery, tokens and gaming aids needed to play!
  • 1 full colour double-sided 2’x3′ gaming mat
  • 1 full-colour double-sided rules reference sheet
  • 13 colour-coded dice: 2 sets of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20
  • 1 custom made metal colour Fate die

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Terminator – War Against the Machines Rulebook


Price drop down to £15 ($24)

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Resistance Soldiers


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This is the first in a series that continues the scenarios for the narrative campaign based on the events of the Terminator Genisys movie. The first two scenarios, Cheyenne Mountain and LAX, can be found in the rulebook for the Terminator Genisys miniatures game, produced by River Horse Games. Here we present the third scenario, that allows you to recreate the brutal duel between the Guardian and a younger version of itself.
Terminator PDF scenario 3

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The Terminator Range

Find what you need t recreat both the future and the past to battle the machines!


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