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Miniature Wargaming: The Movie on Kickstarter

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As you may have been aware, we have been heavily involved with Joe’s project over the last year or so. He is now into the editing phase and is doing a very important kickstarter to help fund that and the travel to loads of film festivals, lucky chap.

Wargame movie

View Kickstarter Here

Here is a documentary film about the world of miniature wargaming. Exploring breath-taking stories, the creation and history of miniatures. The kickstarter is going well but please look at supporting if you can.

What else?
The film will be rich in content covering all perspectives, eras and genres. We will also include interviews with many other companies and individuals who support the hobby, such as Youtubers, commission painters, and independent retailers. Behind the scenes with revolutionary designers, legendary sculptors,the Mighty Warlord, as well as personal stories of 4 individuals and plenty of pledge levels to choose from.

movie goodiesPledge for your name on the website, cool special figures, live hang outs, right up to film premiers.

The Crew:
We have managed to secure the support of an extremely experienced team to help make “Miniature Wargaming The Movie” a reality. They are drawn from across the United Kingdom and share our passion for this documentary.

View Kickstarter Here

wargame movie crew

Help spread the word:
You can also help by sharing details of this Kickstarter with as many people as possible using your preferred media. Lastly a big big thank you to all your support – see you on the big screen!

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