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Calling All Retail Stores!

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Do you own a retail bricks and mortar store?

Do you know what Warlord Games can provide for you?

Warlord games is dedicated to supporting local bricks and mortar stores and to help we have put together some great packages for you to trial our ranges and support you with running events, whether for the internationally acclaimed Bolt Action World War II 28mm game, the Napoleonic period with Black Powder or our Sci-Fi Beyond the gates of Antares:

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Here’s an example of what we could provide for you:

When it comes to expanding your customer base there’s nothing quite like a big in store event, to that end we have put together a pack to help you run quick and easy Gates of Antares events in your own stores – after all, the more people play the more they’ll collect and spend!

The event pack contains everything you need to run a great event – there’s lots of certificates and trophies to give as prizes, posters to promote the event and everyone who plays gets an exclusive figure!

We have had a miniature of C3 Strike Leader Zanto especially sculpted for your Event Pack – the only way for customers to get this exclusive 28mm miniature is by coming to YOUR store and playing in YOUR event.
To have everything you need for an event with 8 players simply order the Antares Events Pack , then order the ‘Antares Event Booster Pack’ for every further 8 players attending on top of the original 8.

These models are NOT for resale and the packs are only available for Bricks & Mortar stores.

WG-EVENT-03: Antares Events Pack

Sales Antares Event pack

The Antares Event Pack provides you with everything you need to run a Gates of Antares event.

  • Events Booklet
  • 3x Trophies
  • 8x Exclusive
  • 5x Certificates
  • 2 x A3 Event Posters

WG-EVENT-04: Antares Events Booster Pack

The Booster Pack allows you to have an extra eight players to your event

  • 8x Exclusive
  • 2x Certificates
  • 1 x A3 Event Poster

So, if we’ve piqued your interest then why not give one of our team a call and see what we can do to help you and your business;

Trade Sales Manager – Steve Morgan –
Export Sales Manager – Mal Green –
UK East Sales Manager – Tim Harris –
UK West Sales Manager – Charlie Coult –
Celtic Region & New Accounts – Karl Boucher –
Phone: – 0115 978 4202
Poland – Maciej Krol –
Italy – Michele Isaja –
Spain – Jordi Marin –

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