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Showcase: Andy Singleton’s 95th Rifles

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He’s been at it again! – Andy Singleton of Volleyfire Painting Services has been hard at work churning out a seemingly endless stream of beautifully painted models – this time, he’s been showing off a set of our 95th Rifles.



From Andy’s Blog – Having been a Napoleonic reenactor for 10 years or so, to me the Chosen Men look so natural, and all the gear is being worn correctly – I’ve come to really love these figures – they’re full of character and charm – and are a joy to paint!



You can read more about the 95th Rifles here – thanks to  a fantastic article written by our good friend, Dave Warrilow – who proudly served as part of the Rifles.

You too can field the 95th in your Black Powder games with thanks to our ‘Chosen Men’ boxed set, available now through the webstore! And the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the box now contains 16 riflemen (plus dog!) – we’ve added an extra two men as we know a lot of people like to base their Black Powder models in fours.


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View in Store