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New: Saxon Command group and Archers

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Provide your Saxon warriors with some steadfast leadership and ranged support with the Saxon Command group and Archers

Saxon Command group

Picture of 103013023 Saxon Command Group 1

Lead your frontline infantry into the fray with this Saxon command group. The venerated leader demonstrates his ability as a warrior and commander as he diligently attains victory for his king.

This blister pack contains 4 metal models

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Saxon Archers

picture of 105010203 Saxon Archers

Unleash an unrelenting hail of arrows from these well-trained warriors.

This blister pack contains 8 metal models

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Defend your homes

Leading with a Saxon Warlord, defend your homes and land with this Saxon starter army!

This complete starter set includes:

  • 1 exclusive metal Saxon Warlord
  • 4 metal Saxon Hearthguard
  • 64 Saxon Ceorls
  • 64 Saxon Thegns
  • 4 waterslide decal sheets for shields

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