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New: SAS Jeep (Western Desert) B

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Raid base camps and sabotage the enemy with this new SAS Jeep!

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As with the LRDG vehicles, these are primarily mobile combat weapons rather than transportation. These jeeps were also often used by the SAS for raids and skirmishes.


Provide an impressive amount of firepower from a mobile asset and keep your enemies pinned! This jeep would make your opponent think twice!

Cost: 48pts (inexperienced), 60pts (Regular), 72pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 forward-facing HMG, 3 rear-facing LMGs
Damage value: 6+ (armoured carrier).
Options: May replace any LMGs with Vickers K guns counting as MMGs for +5pts each.
Special rules: Recce.

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The Desert Raiders

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Using the agile SAS jeeps, these raid parties will be able to cause all types of havoc and be out of there before the Germans even know what hit them!

This set contains:

  • 2 x SAS Jeep (Western Desert) A
  • 2 x SAS Jeep (Western Desert) B

Blood in the Sand

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