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Revised: Napoleonic French & British Waterloo Line Infantry

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Having listened to feedback from the Black Powder community, we’ve decided to amend the content of our Napoleonic regiment sets. Our Napoleonic French Line Infantry 1806-1810, and British Line Infantry (Waterloo) boxed sets are changing from 36 down to a more manageable 24 models.


Napoleonic French Line Infantry


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This choice hasn’t been taken lightly – we consulted with a wide range of Napoleonic players before making such an adjustment. This should mean that new Napoleonic players don’t face quite such a daunting prospect – painting a block of 24 is much more manageable than tackling 36 models – and in the game of Black Powder, the sight of two ranks of 12 men (or indeed four ranks of 6) is still a handsome sight!


We’ve retained the same fantastic miniatures – the same metal command models and plastic infantry – we’ve simply reduced the number in the box (and reduced the RRP, of course!)

Waterloo British Line Infantry


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These are just the first two Napoleonic sets to receive this treatment – we’ll be rolling this out to the other boxes as and when they are due to be reprinted.

For those of you who still wish to field big, 36-strong (or larger!) units you can simply add more troops with individual sprues:


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So – if you’re new to Napoleonic wargaming, or if you’re looking to reinforce an existing army in time for the big Waterloo anniversary next month, head over to the Warlord webstore and take a look at what’s on offer!


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