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We’ve barricaded all doors and windows at Warlord HQ in preparation for the outbreak… we’ve improvised weapons from whatever we can find (there’s talk that the Mail Order team have weaponised their Tape Guns) – we’re doing all we can to stem the tide, but it looks like Project Z fever is going to overcome us all…

It was thought that the Web Team had become infected and had turned to zombies – dead-eyed, they were shambling about the offices moaning, groaning, lifeless…. but it turned-out that they just hadn’t had their morning coffee fix…

Project Z Logo with Subtitle

Friday March 11th 2016 marked the final chance to pre-order the Complete Zombie Bundle – the ultimate Project Z package, which contained the ENTIRE Project Z range, including all expansions – many of which aren’t yet due for release until later in the year!

It was your chance to be among the very first few players to access the likes of the Motorbike Gang, Spec Ops Teams, and more!


Last week, we uploaded a quick video to showcase the core game mechanics – a small skirmish firefight between a Street Gang and Motorbike Gang… incase you’ve not yet seen it, the video can be found here.

Today, we thought we’d preview one of the more zombie-heavy scenarios from the Core Set…

Project Z Last Stand Scenario‘Last Stand’ uses SIX Zombie Entry Points – with 2 Zombies appearing at each Entry Point each game turn… that’s 12 fresh Zombies each turn…

THEN – on Turn 4, this escalates to 18 Zombies….

…all the while, you have at least one rival gang to deal with as well… we’d recommend Assault Rifles – LOTS of Assault Rifles…

With that many zombies – and their numbers seemingly growing exponentially, the game quickly devolves into chaos, desperation, and ultimately – buckets and buckets of dice, death, and destruction…

You have just 3/4 Character cards with which to build your team – so choose carefully, and make sure you load them up with as many weapons as they can carry… they’re going to need them…

The Warlord staff have been frantically assembling extra Zombie models (in between game turns and on tea breaks!) just to keep-up with the growing numbers of undead… but we fear that we’re losing the fight – there are just too many!



Pre-orders will ship early April –

The Complete Zombie bundle deal contained the full Project Z range – Friday 11th March was your final chance to secure the entire range – including all expansions detailed below;

  • Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game
  • Zombie Horde Expansion Set
  • Male Survivors Expansion Set
  • Biker Gang Expansion Set
  • Female Survivors Expansion Set
  • Special Operations Team Expansion Set
  • Feral Dogs FREE!

Coming Late April

Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game


The starter set contains:

  • 23 Zombies
  • 10 Male Survivors
  • 6 Biker Gangers (inc. 2 motorbikes)
  • Plus rules, dice, cards and counters

Zombie Horde Expansion Set



Contains 23 Zombies – every one completely individual. Don’t miss Hospital Patient zombie, Roadkill zombie or Baywatch zombie! Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.

Male Survivors Expansion Set



Contains 10 male survivors and includes a weapons options sprue for even more variety. Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.

Coming Later in May

Biker Gang Expansion Set



Contains enough parts to make 6 gangers including 2 bikes plus this stunning Gang Leader model with pillion rider (and lots of weapon options!). Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.


Female Survivors Expansion Set



Contains 10 female survivors plus the weapons options sprue for more variety. Our favourite is Bazooka Big Momma! Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.

Special Operations Team Expansion Set



Contains 8 Spec Ops soldiers with a fantastic range of heads, weapons and gear. Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.

The Complete Project Z


Pre-order deal is now finished, shipping of order begins early April

The Complete Zombie bundle deal containing the full Project Z;
Main game and one of each expansion set, plus FREE Feral Dogs!