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Preview: Ghar Tectorist Scouts

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Today we have something rather special for all you Ghar players out there – a little preview of what’s to come…. an as-yet unseen unit from the Ghar Army List in the form of the Tectorist Scouts!

tectorists preview

Tector rods are simple direction finding instruments that detect the presence of enemy and enable their operators to direct fire onto them. Ghar Tectorists are a rare breed – Ghar that are immune to fear and unmotivated by any sense of self preservation. This is almost certainly due to prolonged exposure to mind numbing plasma reactor overspill, although you can never be sure.


The following rule applies.

Tector Re-rolls – When a Ghar unit shoots at a target it can re-roll one miss if there is one or more models with a tector rod within 15” of the target. It doesn’t matter how many models with tector rods are within detection range, a unit can only re-roll one shot on account of them. Where a target also forces re-rolls of hits (hits on a down infantry target for example) re-rolls of misses are taken first before re-rolling any hits.


We’ve also given them our usual turntable treatment, so you can take a look at them in 360-degrees…

The Tectorists are due to be available to order in the coming weeks – keep watching the Warlord Newsletters for more details, as well as future previews and the latest news direct from Warlord HQ!