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Preview: Fallschirmjager

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The third boxed set to be released for our 28mm WWII Bolt Action range will be the German Paratroopers – the Fallschirmjager.  Here’s a look at some of what’s coming up…

The Fallschirmjager (German Airborne troops) performed the first airborne invasion when they assaulted Denmark on the 9 April 1940. They followed this success up with further successful airlandings of Norway and the pyrrhic victory of Operation Mercury in taking Crete. As you can see like all of our Bolt Action Miniatures, we’ve decided to use an action-packed piece of artwork for the box cover.

Unlike their Allied counterparts these German Paratroopers were attached to the German Luftwaffe rather than the army. Fallschirmjager were highly trained, invariably veteran troops, as the Allies found in such legendary battles as Eben Emael, Carentan (we’ve all seen Band of Brothers haven’t we?), Monte Cassino and Arnhem. Wherever the Fallschirmjager were found a bloody struggle was sure to be had…

These excellent Axis miniatures will be available soon, but we just couldn’t wait to show some of the range them off to you as soon as we got some painted. In the meantime, you can assemble the rest of your German army in Bolt Action Miniatures section of the Warlord webstore!