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Preview: Bolt Action Carrier Variants.

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Here we have two forthcoming vehicles for the forces of the British Commonwealth to show off – scroll down to see what’s in store!

Vicker’s MMG Carrier

Universal Carriers

Universal Carriers

How’s about a little (or a lot) of hot lead to keep Jerry down for good? This Bren Carrier is just the trick. Feast you eyes on the all the ammo and bits and bobs these models come with.

3″ Mortar Carrier

Universal Carriers

Universal Carriers

These carriers have piles of character and attention to the tiniest detail. These WIP photos give but a brief glance at what could be. Imagine the result once you get some paint on these beauties! Patience, not long now…


But you can certainly stock up on standard Universal Carriers while you wait – head here now to nab some!