Anglo-Zulu War 1879, Black Powder, Showcase

Showcase: Prince Louis Napoleon

Each Warlord Games rulebook comes with an exclusive free miniature when you buy direct our web store. For the Zulu! Black Powder supplement, the model is Prince Louis Napoleon (16 March 1856 – 1 June 1879), the last descendant of the great French Emperor Bonaparte.


The model can be assembled as Prince Louis with ‘assegai’ Zulu spear and either bare or helmeted head (note the distinctive blue cap), or alternatively with a cavalry sword if you’d rather create a British Officer.

Also included is the fox terrier that accompanied the Prince’s final patrol.


Tragic Fate

Prince Louis has been sculpted to depict his final moments at the hands of the Zulus, and you will see he is wounded in the shoulder and leg.

Eager to see action, the young prince had insisted on going to war, and was given a relatively safe posting with the Royal Engineers. However, on the 1st June 1879, he rode out with an 8-man reconnaissance patrol, too impatient to wait for a full escort.

Mort_du_prince_imperial_(Cropped)Death of the Prince impérial during the Anglo-Zulu War, detail of a painting by Paul Jamin

While they were stopped to map out the terrain they were ambushed by a force of around 40 Zulus. The Prince’s horse bolted and he was dragged along, losing his sword (which had belonged to the first Emperor Napoleon).

The Prince was speared in the thigh, but pulled the assegai from his leg and fought back with pistol and spear. However, he was struck again in the shoulder and soon overcome with multiple spear thrusts.

Two other men and the fox terrier were also killed.

The Prince’s death caused an international sensation and ended the hopes of the Bonaparte dynasty of returning to the throne of France.


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