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Now Available! Victrix Portuguese Cacadores

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The British often refer to the Portuguese as their ‘Oldest Ally’ and certainly they gave sterling service to the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular campaign. Now you can add these great Portuguese Cacadores to your British force or start a new Portuguese army.

Victrix Cacadore Rifles

The Portuguese fought brilliantly in Wellington’s army during the Penninsular war and were the equal of many British regulars. In fact, The 1st and 3rd Cacadores Battalions were so effective they were combined with British battalions to form the famed Light Division.

Victrix Cacadore Muskets

The Cacadores were trained as light troops used for skirmishing and were flexible enough that they could also fight in line. One company in every battalion was armed with the Baker Rifle used by the famous British 95th Rifles. These models are wearing the stovepipe shako issued around 1811. Sculpted but the ever talented Paul Hicks, these hard-fighting soldiers from Portugal will look fantastic in your British collection!

Victrix Cacadore Command

Each of these blister packs contains the eight (8) metal miniatures from the examples shown above. All of these excellent models are now available in the Warlord webstore!