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New: No. 602 D-Day Spitfire Mk IX Squadron

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No. 602 D-Day Spitfire Mk IX Squadron

French ACE Pierre Closterman is back in a freshly painted Spitfire Mk IX with decals for his new squadron, No.609. Plus the new Spitfire Mk IX squadron gets the D-Day stripe decals ready for invasion!

This set contains:

  • 1x Squadron Box of 6x metal Spitfire Mk IX’s
  • 1x metal Spitfire Mk IX ACE
  • Generic RAF Decals Sheet
  • Aircraft Cards
  • Aircraft Trait cards
  • Pilot skill discs
  • Advantage Flying bases
  • 1x Waterslide Decal Sheet for No. 602 Squadron
  • 1x Waterslide Decal Sheet with invasion strips for the Spitfire Mk IX


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