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New: Zulu War British Lancers

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The epitome of remaining calm under fire, the British Line Lancers (by Empress Miniatures) ride forth to lead the way for the troops!



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These lancers expand our range for the Black Powder Anglo Zulu War period from Empress Miniatures to compliment the plastic box sets, check out some of these excellent miniatures and start your foray into Zulu land today!

The first pack contains four superb sculpts –  defenders of Rorke’s Drift, including both historic and, perhaps, more silver screen versions of some very famous personalities. Dressed in a rather casual interpretation of dress regulations, the urgency of battle has obviously caught these fellows out!

The second pack contains historical depictions of Chaplain George Smith, Corporal Friederich Schiess of the Natal Native Contingent, Acting Assistant Commissary James Langley Dalton, Surgeon Reynolds, and Private Hitch.

More sterling British soldiers to add to your plastics…

These are the famous redcoats who marched all over Africa to enforce the Pax Britannica. They were tough soldiers who when well-supplied could march over the worst terrain that they could experience and still be in condition to fight at the end of the day. The classic redcoats are portrayed here in column of march ready to take the fight to the enemy.

Adding to your mounted troop are these lovely Natal Caribineers.

The Natal Carbineers were drawn from some of the more established, or better off, Natal families and were considered to be a somewhat elite unit. They were only assembled in times of trouble and are therefore not regulars. Despite their part-time status they were well-equipped and armed with pistols and carbines, being capable of firing from the saddle or dismounting to give deadly volley fire. Their smart dark uniforms and contrasting white helmets make them a colourful addition to any General’s army on the table top.

Good lord – is there no end to the Anglo-Zulu War metals we have? Happily not, as we also have these fabulous Natal Mounted Police models by Empress Miniatures!

This was a mounted Constabulary force that policed Southern Africa, ensuring the safety of the Colonial settlers and their dependants. They were hard riding men who were well equipped, with carbines and pistols which they were well capable of handling.

They fought well in several actions but were badly cut up at Isandlwana, though earning many plaudits for their bravery on that fateful day.




This 7 pounder of the Royal Artillery was one of two used at Isandlwana. It used a rugged carriage and could fire shell ball or case shot at close range. They would prove devastating at later battles.

Native Horse

These are the Native Horse; well-motivated men on wiry ponies and eager to have a go at their traditional enemies, the Zulus. Armed with breech loading carbines and a sheath full of assegais they are perfect for scouting ahead of the main British force.


The last ditch – the redoubt

The Zulu! Black Powder supplement is packed with maps, chronology, wonderful art, poems, historical background, and fully fleshed out historical scenerios – with orders of battle from Isandlwana to the battle of Gingindlovu:


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And our Rorke’s Drift battle set contains everything you need to recreate the most famous battle of the Anglo-Zulu War:


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