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New: US Army Weapons with Winter Crew

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Advancing to support your front line troops this winter in Bastogne come the .50cal HMG team, 75mm M1A1 Light Artillery and the 105mm M2A1 Medium Artillery:

US Army 50cal HMG Team (Winter)


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The Browning M2HB .50-cal. was undoubtedly one of the best HMGs of World War II. It is still used today. It was renowned for its penetration capacity, as its heavy bullets could go right through the armour of half-tracks, armoured cars and even some light tanks. Mounted on a 20kg tripod, its weight made it very stable allowing
accurate bursts of fire.


US Army 75mm Light Artillery M1A1 (Winter)


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Small-calibre field artillery was not widely used in the American Army except by the Paratroopers and the Marines. A few other special forces preferred the small-calibre pack howitzer (75mm) because it could be moved easily. It could also be transported or dropped by parachute after breaking it down into its component parts. Airborne units so equipped won battle honors at Bastogne, Normandy, and Arnhem.


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US Army 105mm Medium Artillery M2A1 (Winter)


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The 105 mm M2A1 (M101A1) howitzer was the standard light field howitzer for the United States in World War II. These guns were grouped into 4-gun batteries. Their role was to lay down a barrage to prepare for an advance, or to break the impetus of enemy infantry attacks.


Artillery of this kind could even slow attacks by armoured vehicles. With a range of 11,000 metres and a shell that weighed nearly 15kg, the 105mm gun was a formidable weapon indeed.


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US Army Artillery Expansion Set

Artillery is often the key to a battle, and nothing can hit harder. Watch as your opponents main force spreads out, and offer easy pickings for the rest of your army, as they frantically re-position into cover, from which they won’t be safe either!

Within the Armies of United States supplement a regular 105mm M2A1 medium howitzer is only 70 points. To move this piece around to a better position you will need some transport, a regular ‘Deuce’ 2-and-a-half ton truck with 50cal.MG is only 76 points. To provide the ideal accuracy, a spotter is highly recommended,  especially for only 10 points.

All together you have created a mobile force, able to accurately pin point high priority targets and destroy your foe for only 156 points!

Grab all you need for your close support artillery complete with truck, M2A1 105mm gun and Forward Observers!

409913006 US Army Artillery Expansion Set (Winter)

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Dig in for Winter!


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