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New: US Army Infantry in Winter Clothing

The new winter American range hits the snow running equipped in scavenged kit to survive and fight in the harshest of conditions:

WGB-AI-07-US-Winter-Infantry-aOur latest Warlord Range is perfect for bringing your battles into the winter of 1944-45. Packed with character these miniatures show how unprepared for the truly bitter winter, which hit Europe that year, the US forces really were.

Box Contains a 10-man US Infantry Squad in winter fatigues:

  • 1 NCO with SMG
  • 2 soldiers with BARs
  • 7 soldiers with rifles/carbines

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You can see how the ever-practical Americans adapted and modified their kit to suit the environment, adding extra clothing brought up by their seemingly inexhaustible supply lines.


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Home-made snowsuits also appeared, frequently made from looted bed sheets from captured or liberated towns, bringing warmth and concealment.


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General issue greatcoats and woolen gloves were insufficient to stave off the biting cold, leading to units seeking cover for days in an effort just to keep warm and gloves of all kinds became valuable as were any captured warm weather clothing.


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As a result, a late war GI squad in the winter would, in general, be an eclectic-looking unit with a mix of greatcoats, Mackinaw jackets, scarves, etc. So, whether fighting in the Ardennes or in Germany itself, the contents of this box perfectly represent the look of these cold but determined soldiers.

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