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US Airborne repackaged

Now we have our Bolt Action WWII game and the various nations are having their army supplements released we are taking the opportunity to bring our miniatures ranges into line with them. We’ve done this for a handful of packs so far but now we have going to ramp this up by dealing with a new army regularly. The first of these will be the US Airborne. Read on to find out what has changed…

The first thing to notice, and the biggest change, is the contents of the Screaming Eagles boxed set which not only has a different mix of US Airborne figures but also now includes a full-colour decal sheet for the 101st Airborne! The box now contains:

• HQ: 1 officer and 2 paratroopers.
• HQ: 1 forward observer. • 12-man squad: NCO and 2 paratroopers with Thompson SMG, 2-man .30 Cal light machine gun team, 7 paratroopers with rifles or carbines.
• 2-man Bazooka team.
• 60mm mortar and 2 crew.
• Full-colour waterslide decal sheet.

The rest of the range has also been reorganised to make it more in tune with our Bolt Action army lists. You can see them all here.


Next to get this treatment will be the British Airborne – the Red Devils!

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