Antares Day Sat 1 July 2017: Full Update & Schedule!

The Warlord Games
Beyond the Gates Of Antares
1st Grand Tournament

– Schedule –


Saturday 1st July 2017

Download this schedule of the event here:

Download a PDF Schedule

9:00am-10:00am: Marcus Garvey Ballroom doors open for tournament players & registration
10:00am: Shop doors open for general admittance & bring and battle registration.

10:00am-11:30am: First tournament battles commence – (Mission 1)
*11:30-12:00: Seminar 1 – Where did Antares start and where next – Mr. Rick Priestly

12:00pm-1:30pm: Second Battle – (Mission 2)

1:30pm-2:30pm: Lunch
*1:30-2:10: Seminar 2 – Writing fiction for Antares – Tim Bancroft
*2:10-2:30: Seminar 3 – Studio designs – with Paul Sawyer

2:30pm-4:30pm: Third and final battle – (Mission 3)
*4:30-5:00: Seminar 4 – Q&A Rick, Tim, & AndyH

5:00pm-5:30pm: Award Ceremony – trophy presentation

6:00pm: Hall & shop close

*Timings are approximate and may change on the day


For those of you just popping in to see what’s going on, head into the Warlord HQ store and present your pre-ordered Scout Entry Ticket, or just grab one on the day from Shop Manager Martin and his crew, then head on up to see the frenzied activity in the gaming hall.
If you pre-ordered a Skirmish Ticket then come and grab your bag of hobby goodies from Martin in the HQ store before heading on up to the hall.

(N.B. Scout and Skirmish tickets are available in advance online ‘here‘  and also from the HQ shop on the day)

£15.00 Skirmish Ticket includes:

Special edition miniature Togg – the mercenary, plus his fully printed rules (rrp £5.00)
Antares Dice Game (rrp £15.99)
Entry to Gaming Hall & Bring and Battle
Entry to Seminars

A Saturday Full of Antares Action

This Saturday will consist of 26 tournament gamers battling it out over the course of the day to see who will be the first to get their name on the coveted Antares Champion Trophy! Alongside the action packed tournament there will be a host of other activities to join in on:

Tournament Players:

You will all have been contacted directly by Warlorder Andy Hobday upon purchasing your Combat Ticket – If not then please immediately contact Andy at antares@warlordgames.com

You will have provided your contact details along with shirt size and 2 army lists – 750pts and 1000pts.

Army lists will be checked against the latest download update of the relevant digital army list. These can be found and downloaded for FREE ‘here‘.

Be advised that a rule update has gone live Friday 16 June you will need to read this as you may want to update your lists accordingly.
(see update ‘here’)

Open Gaming – Bring and Battle:

We have a set of tables full of terrain provided FREE for anyone wishing to bring their own armies for Beyond the Gates Of Antares. We suggest you create and bring a list for 500 to 750pts, although feel free to bring as large an army as you like.
When you arrive please report to the Warlord HQ store to gain entry and register for a table – A ticket with your table number & play times will be issued.
If you’ve never played, or are just curious, then pop into the store (for FREE) and have a go with our Algoryn and C3 Concord demonstration armies!

Painting Competition

This is the last minute addition… because we can! Anything Antares can be entered in this first event with prizes for best painted and displayed army, best single figure, best Squad, best weapon team and best drone/monster!
If you’ve had time to make a superb diorama/vignette then there is bound to be a prize up for grabs there too!
All judged by the Web & Studio team – our decision is final… unless cookies are provided 😉


Rules writer, extraordinary visionary, creator of a small game called Warhammer 40,00 and a huge game that is Beyond The Gates Of Antares – Mr. Rick Priestley, talking about the development and future expansions planned…
Celebrated author, a presenter of the Freeborn Shard, and now prime Gate builder Mr. Tim Bancroft, taking you through the ins and outs of crafting a gripping and exciting story for the Antarean universe plus lots more writing tips…
Mr. Paul Sawyer of the Warlord Studio is here to answer all your questions on concepts, the design process and what’s next in the works for Antares!


The Warlord Games Studio will be present doing live demonstrations on 3d sculpting as well as traditional techniques, plus painting demonstrations throughout the day. On display in both the shop and gaming hall will be the awesome examples of their work both current and some many months away from release!


Combat ticket entrants will receive a lunch for free as part of their event ticket.
There is a cafe on site that will be serving hot and cold food throughout the day from 9:00am-@3:00pm
There is a Bar in the game hall that will serve drinks only from @Midday onwards

A note on Painting and Basing

  • All miniatures in your collections should be Antares figures – no proxy Russian figures (yes that’s you Mr. Priestley), what you see is what you get.
  • Your figures should all be painted and based. We will in this first event, of course, accept a basic level of an undercoat and ink wash as we know you may not have had the time you wish to complete your force. Just remember that there are points awarded for the level of painting and effort invested.
  • If you have modelled your own larger MOD 2 vehicle/drone then we will accept these conversions after a 1 to 1 viewing by Mr. Rick Priestley (he of under-arm deodorant skimmer fame)
  • If you’re not sure then contact Warlorder AndyH in advance at antares@warlordgames.com

Scoring Tournament Points

After each game please go to the registration desk to record results.

At this event we will be scoring Major and Minor Victories, simply total up the Victory Points you have scored through your game.

If a player has scored more than 5 victory points than the other then they have won a Major Victory.
If a player has just scored more victory points (but less than 5) than the other player then they have won a Minor Victory.

  • Major Victory: 20 Tournament Points
  • Minor Victory: 13 Tournament Points
  • Draw: 10 Tournament Points
  • Minor Loss: 7 Tournament Points
  • Major Loss: 0 Tournament Points

The Best Army Award

During the Tournament, we will be selecting a short list of armies to be judged by the Warlord Design team. During the lunch break, they will peruse your offerings and make copious notes before deciding what to eat army deserves the Best Army Award. They’ll be looking for an outstanding display along with a cohesive look and balanced/themed force.

The Beyond the Gates Of Antares Champion, 2017

The champion is an exemplar of the Warlord Games hobby, An enthusiastic gamer, painter and an all-round nice person to play against. To decide who receives this top award, we will rank all the players based on their victories. In the case of a tie, the player with the most Favourite Game Votes from the highest ranked players will win the event.

Prizes are:

  • Antares Champion 2017 + £250 worth of products
  • Antares Runner Up 2017
  • Best Antarean Army 2017
  • Best Newcomer 2017
  • Antarean Players Choice Award 2017

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