Event: Bolt Action Offensive

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The first Warlord educed Bolt Action tournament is coming up next month – will you be there?

Hurry, there are only 30 tickets available for this tournament!

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Whilst there has been plenty of Bolt Action tournaments in the past, this will be our first official tourney orchestrated by none other than our very own Warlorder and store manager Martin! The event itself takes place on March 11th with games proceeding to start at 10am.

The event will take place within the events hall at Warlord HQ Nottingham and will have emphasis on the newly released Battle of the Bulge!

We’re located here so come on down!
Warlord Games
The Howitt Building
Lenton Business Centre
Lenton Boulevard
United Kingdom

Here’s a quick run down of the requirements that your army list will need to fulfil:

  • Two lists of 750 & 900 points worth (2 scenarios will be 750 points and one will be 900 points.)
  • 10 dice limit for the 750 point list, 12 dice on the 900 points list
  • It can be a reinforced platoon or a theatre selector from a normal army book, but not from an expansion book (e.g Duel in the Sun).
  • Can include units from other expansions.

These armies will also have to be checked before entering; this will be done by Martin as well! Once you have confirmed your entry you can send your army list over to Martin with this email address, Martin.Perkins@warlordgames.com.

We’d recommend to bring your own tape measures, dice and extras, but don’t forget you can always grab yourself a new set of anything you need from the store!

Whilst the tournament can only have one winner and two runner-ups, more people can win through spot prizes! The spot prizes will be awarded for best painted army, awarded only to an army that can drop faces and make women swoon at the sheer sight of it. A ‘most sportsman-like player’ award, an opponent that anyone would be happy to lose or win against! And lastly the best fumbler award, given to the one where luck hit them the most during the day! The top 3 players will get a model trophy which is coloured, gold, silver and bronze defining who are the winners from the rest of their peers.
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If you don’t want to play in the Bolt Action tournament then come on down and watch – it’s FREE, in the store there will also be Antares and the new Test of Honour demo games being run by our expert gamers!

There is an onsite cafe that will happily fill any of your refreshment needs.

Martin: I guarantee that it will be a marvelous day out for any avid wargamer, plastic limbs and bodies are surely going to fly everywhere so don’t miss any of it! You don’t have to look at the games, you can come and check out the Warlord store if you haven’t already before, we’re quite proud of it! If you only want to see some pretty models, we can also fulfill that need for you as well, we have our expertly painted models by our studio team within the cabinets for anyone to see! So come on down!

Tickets are limited and available now! Included in your ticket price is also a free events pack! Exclusive to only this event!

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For any further information feel free to contact Martin and also watch out for our Facebook page as we update you on the details of this event!

Also keep your eye for the next event, it’ll be our very own Warlord Open Gaming Day, See you soon!