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New: The Warlord Games Rules Collection

We have a rather special offer for you – the Warlord Games Rules Collection!

This includes the core rulebooks for all four of our games:

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Hail Caesar: Ancients and Dark Age warfare from 3000 BC to 1100AD. Swords, spears and sandals!

Pike & Shotte: The Renaissance – covers the likes of the Thirty years War, English Civil Wars, Tudor Wars, etc. Pike and Musket to the fore!

Black Powder: The age of the musket – Napoleonic wars, Crimean war, American Revolution, American Civil War, Anglo-Zulu War to name but a few of the titanic conflicts covered by this hugely popular ruleset.

Bolt Action: Produced in conjunction with Osprey Publishing this rulebook covers the Second World War, allowing you to field tanks, artillery and infantry across the dusty deserts of North Africa, the hedgerows or Europe, the steamy jungles of the Far East or the unforgiving Russian Front!

All four of these glorious, full-colour rulebooks are included in this offer – an offer that saves you a not inconsiderable sum of money!

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