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New: Connectors for ‘The Citadel’ plus Towers, Walls and Gates

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Form your ranks and prepare the oil, time to build and defend your castles with ‘The Citadel’ Plastic Castle set:


With the individual component parts available separately now, some of you have been asking for more! – Today we have the wall connectors, both types of angles, as loose items, giving you the opportunity to create your own bespoke defensive structure – whether it be a lone guard tower standing firm against a determined attacker, or an elaborate system of city walls to protect your prized capital…


Whatever your intention – take a look below at what’s on offer, and start plotting the defenses – for the attackers are almost upon us!

New Connectors


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Round Tower



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Standard Wall



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Wall Gates



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…and of course, remember that we’ve bundled together four Circular Towers, 5 sections of Standard Walls, and a set of Wall Gates to create ‘The Citadel’…


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Article written by Richard Dando