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New: Soviet standard bearer

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Due to a deluge of correspondence from the community (some may even call it demand!) we have decided to add the Soviet standard bearer from the Ostfront command pack to our range as a single figure reinforcement:


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If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Ostfront – Barbarossa to Berlin then you should read Alessio’s preview, which gives you a few sneak-peeks at the content…. the book is packed with historical information, new units, characters, new Theatre Selectors, and all sorts of other goodies to give your games more depth, and give you a real Eastern Front experience! Rules for banner bearers in Soviet and Japanese aries are contained in Ostfront.


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Take charge of Operation Barbarossa and drive towards Moscow or command the steadfast defenders of the Soviet Union. From the early battles for Leningrad and Sevastopol to the tank clash of Kursk and the bitter urban warfare of Stalingrad, this new Theatre Book for Bolt Action provides wargamers with new scenarios and special rules that give them everything they need to focus their gaming on the Eastern Front.

Written by none other than renowned Eastern Front aficionado, Andy Chambers, Ostfront features new vehicles, troop types, special characters and scenarios, backed up my several rules specific to this vast and extremely important theatre of operations.


Remember that when you buy one of our rulebooks direct from us, it comes with an exclusive free miniature, not available anywhere else! For Ostfront the exclusive model is Sergeant Steiner, based on the character from the classic film Cross of Iron:


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