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Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies

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The Portuguese and English clash against the French and her allies. Muster your forces with these themed Napoleonic Peninsular campaign starter armies and recreate battles such as the Battle of Corunna, 16 January 1809 – will the French defeat Sir John Moore again in the Peninsular War?

British Peninsular campaign starter army

The Heavy Cavalry come with the correct heads to represent the dragoons – Some of you eagle-eyed historians may have noticed the Scott’s Greys in the picture above. These are made from the Union Brigade Cavalry box which will also allow you to make Dragoon Guards. We’re so busy the studio hasn’t had time to paint them!

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  • 72 Plastic and metal British Line infantry
  • 24 Plastic and metal Portuguese infantry
  • 12 plastic and metal British Union Brigade heavy cavalry
  • Officer on horse
  • British Royal Artillery 6-pdr cannon
  • Full-colour flag sheets

Defend the line at Vimeiro Hill. With you and Wellesley in charge the thin red line of British and Portuguese troops will hold, but can you keep your cavalry in check?

British assistance in a force of 14,000 men under Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Wellesley landed at Mondego Bay, just north of the Portuguese capital. Wellesley met and defeated a small harassing French force under Delaborde at Roliça on the 17th August.

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French Peninsular campaign starter army

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  • 96 French Line infantry
  • 12 French Chasseurs à Cheval cavalry
  • Officer on horse
  • 6-pdr cannon
  • Full-colour flag sheets

It’s 1808 and you must March to Napoleon’s orders. Muster your forces and advance on Vimeiro, Wellesley and the British must be crushed and driven back to the sea!


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Discover the Peninsular war

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If you’ve yet to start Black Powder Napoleonics then look no further than the Waterloo Starter Set, ram packed full of everything you need (including a min A5 Black Powder rulebook) to field both French and Allied forces at Waterloo!

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Start a Napoleonic army!

If you’re venturing into Black Powder then look no further than one of the many iconic battles! La Haye Sainte bitterly fought over during the Battle of Waterloo, comes packed with terrain and two forces ideal to start your campaigning with.


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